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[posted before dinner; unsigned, but writing is recognisable]

[Someone has left about a half-dozen rosaries, clearly made from the resources in the Arts and Crafts room, on a pin or hook near the bulletin board. They're simple, in that the materials aren't fancy, but have been obviously made by someone who has made them before; some are beaded, some are a combination of beads and braids, some are simply knotted. None have anything dedicating them to a Saint, but each does have a little cross made from beads.

[Elsewhere on the bulletin board, near this set of messages, there's another rosary hanging; but it's clear this one has been set aside for someone in particular.]

The Catholic rosary has long been considered an expression of love for Saint Mary, mother of Jesus. They're used for meditation and contemplation, with each bead or knot representing a prayer.

They also make lovely bracelets.

Take care this evening, residents of Landel's.
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Ah, so this is why you were making so many.

Are you sure you're not religious?
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[strikeouts legible if you squint]

Please don't
Why don't we have pencils?

'Religious,' as in a follower of a particular faith. In this case, it seems, Catholicism. Let me rephrase - are you sure you don't believe in a higher power, as outlined by the Bible?
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If it's that simple, why didn't you say so when I asked earlier?

[This is written under the folded-over part.]
You can call me whatever you like. You just reminded me of someone.